Ecosystem access

CMBR provides access to various coastal marine ecosystems of Greece for in situ research and sample collection, by various means (e.g. vessels, scuba diving submersibles)

 Biological resources

CMBR offers access to living stock collections and preserved marine organisms (biobanks) from many different ecosystems and taxa, as well as to organisms collected in the field. It also provides taxonomic identification for several marine groups


Experimental facilities

CMBR provides access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities for aquaculture experiments (aquaria and tanks) and environmental studies (mesocosms) and for commercial applications. Dedicated wet and dry laboratories are available for sample processing and their analysis

Technology platforms

CMBR gives access to the latest technologies for molecular biology and for bio-imaging, as well as platforms for biological assays and for structural and chemical analysis 


CMBR offers access to a high performance computing system and specific software for data analysis and exploration and to related bioinformatic expertise


Expert advice

CMBR provides expert advice on Mediterranean aquaculture, on technical procedures concerning finfish hatcheries and on the quantification of fish phenotype. Expert advice is also provided on the potential dietary and pharmaceutical value of marine-derived products